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TD Training

Club Tournament Director Course

This course equips participants with the necessary skills to run club duplicate events. Participants do not need to be members of the English Bridge Union or affiliated clubs.

All training is provided by experienced tutors with first hand experience of running major national events on behalf of the English Bridge Union. Much of the course material involves practical simulations of situations at the table - and therefore additional trainers are provided for larger class sizes. The course consists of four modules: Essentials, Book Rulings, Judgement Rulings and Assessment.

We run these courses at clubs all over the country. Please email EBED if your club would be interested in hosting a course.

The Club TD Course calendar may be found here

For course bookings, fees and other Frequently Asked Questions please see here

The EBU has also created a series of videos to help Club Tournament Directors deal with six of the more commonly occurring situations. They can be viewed here

You can also study or download useful flow charts on the most commonly infringed laws

New Laws of Bridge 2017

Information will be provided as soon as possible here. The new laws will be incorporated into the Club TD courses starting with the courses held in Welwyn and Eastbourne. Delegates at recent Club TD courses will receive an email with information about the impact of the new Laws and how to find out more. Refresher Sessions can be organised by clubs or counties for their players or TDs. Please email EBED for more information.

Club TD Refresher Courses

We also arrange half-/one-day Refresher Courses suitable for those who have already attended the Club TD course above, but perhaps have taken a break from regular directing or want to refresh their knowledge and build their confidence when dealing with more difficult situations at the table.

It is anticipated that such courses will be tailored in response to information from the hosting club and the participants - i.e. they may be focused on a revision of book rulings, or explore judgment rulings in more detail. Question and Answer sessions are often extended to cover a wide range of issues. Sessions can also be arranged to provide training for the use of EBUScore and on the choice of movements.

These sessions may be arranged for individual clubs, or for a wider public. Please email EBED for more information.

Next Steps and becoming a County TD

For more experienced directors, with ambitions to progress to a county or national level, advanced training is provided in the form of a 'refresher day' held at the EBU Headquarters in Aylesbury, in May each year. Material from previous County courses is used to give delegates a flavour of harder book and judgement rulings. It will also cover use of the EBU’s White Book (the essential guide for tournament organisers). Full details of the course are here.

Consolidate your Skills

Download a test paper consisting of 40 situations to consider: book rulings, judgement rulings and, in some cases, good old-fashioned common-sense. Some are quite intricate and others straightforward, but hopefully they will all make you think.

This course is designed for Club TDs who need more experience of rulings and is ideal preparation for the County Director’s Course held annually in September. Full details of the course are here.