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Seminars on the New Laws & Club Tournament Director Training Courses

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Club Director Training Course Calendar

We are organising the new 2017/8 season's courses and further venues will be added - plans are in hand for Olicana (Ilkley) and Chelmsford (also waiting for confirmation of a venue in Kent).

In addition to the courses run by EBED, shown further below, there will also be a privately organised course, using EBED materials, in Thanet during November. For info about, and entries to, the Thanet courses please contact Paul Gibbons.

2 Nov - Day 1 Book/Judgement Rulings
16 Nov - Day 2 Book/Judgement Rulings
30 Nov - Assessment
7 Dec - How To run a Club Duplicate

Historically the Club TD course has been run over four separate modules. Reflecting comments made by trainers and delegates, EBED is restructuring the course into three modules. We are monitoring the reaction to these changes and will continue to develop the course materials and structure based on delegate feedback - so please let us know what you think.

How to run a club duplicate (previously known as "Essentials") £60 (£54 for EBU Members)
Aylesbury – Wednesday 15th November 2017
Oxshott – Friday 1st December 2017

Book Rulings £50 (£45 for EBU Members)
Cheltenham – Saturday 14th October 2017

Judgement Rulings £50 (£45 for EBU Members)
Welwyn Garden City– Saturday 21st October 2017
Cheltenham – Saturday 11th November 2017

Book Rulings Day 1 £60 (£54 for EBU Members)
Brierfield – Saturday 21st October 2017
Trafford – Sunday 29th October 2017
Aylesbury – Wednesday 13th December 2017
Oxshott – Friday 19th January 2018
Horsham – Saturday 21st April 2018

Book/Judgement Rulings Day 2 £60 (£54 for EBU Members)
Pinner – Saturday 28th October 2017
Eccleshall – Saturday 28th October 2017
Trafford – Sunday 5th November 2017
Brierfield – Saturday 25th November 2017
Aylesbury – Wednesday 24th January 2018
Oxshott – Friday 23rd February 2018
Horsham – Saturday 12th May 2018

Assessment £60 (£54 for EBU Members)
Chichester – Saturday 21st October 2017 (NB change of venue to Bolney)
Welwyn Garden City– Saturday 4th November 2017
Eccleshall – Saturday 11th November 2017
Trafford – Sunday 19th November 2017
Pinner – Saturday 2nd December 2017
Cheltenham – Saturday 9th December 2017
Brierfield – Saturday 16th December 2017
Aylesbury – Wednesday 21st February 2018
Oxshott – Friday 2nd March 2018
Horsham – Saturday 26th May 2018

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