Students and Schools - National Simultaneous Pairs

The Students National Simultaneous Pairs is open to all bona fide bridge students who are currently having lessons through EBTA, Bridge for All or any other teaching scheme.

It is also open to schools.

These events give students the opportunity of playing in one of their first National events, competing against all the other students entering from throughout the country. They are fun to play in, with just the right amount of challenge to make it exciting and interesting!

Entries are made by bridge teachers on behalf of their group. A minimum of one table is all that is needed. There is no entry fee.


The popular EBED Students and Schools Simultaneous Pairs is now up and running through to the end of March. You can run your heat any time during the competition period, including running over more than 1 session if you need to.

We will be running both a bridge and a Minibridge event and the events are open to all bridge students in both year one and year two; those playing in supervised duplicates and especially to all those youngsters playing in schools. Any number of tables is permitted including just a single table.

For this event this year we will be asking teachers to send their results to the office via electronic format so the results can be compiled into an overall result. Full instructions will be provided and there will be various options to cater for varying levels of computer preparedness. You will not be able to upload your own results directly.

A booklet of the hands with expert commentary will be available for the students to browse through after the event.

For the Minibridge heats we will choose 12 hands from the set which ensures that each player will play three hands as declarer and will provide a separate Minibridge leaflet with the 12 selected hands and commentaries.

To take part in the event, which will be free of charge, you can contact Richard by phone 01296 317218 or email Richard (please put Students Sim Pairs in the subject line) to ask for an information pack to be sent.

The information pack contains everything you will need (hand commentaries, instructions, movement suggestions and entry sheet), including hand files for those with dealing machines. Hand files are available in dlm, dup and pbn formats. I hope you will be able to take part in this event.

There will be small cash prizes for the winning Bridge and Minibridge pairs.

How it works

The organiser (normally the teacher), is sent the material they need to set up a heat.

The pack of material contains:

  • The material for making up the hands, so these can be prepared in advance(we'll be including a dlm/dup/pbn file for those who have access to dealing machines)
  • A commentary on the hands, to be handed to the students when they have finished.

After the event, the results are sent to the EBU for scoring, before being compiled into an overall list.


The results will be available on the EBU website.