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Bridge for All

Bridge for All is the complete learn and play programme developed for the English Bridge Union and promoted through English Bridge Education and Development (EBED). Bridge for All is based on the Standard English Acol bidding system and is the nationally approved method of learning the game so that the student can progress from learner, through intermediate to expert.

Bridge for All teachers are members of the English Bridge Teachers Association (EBTA), which provides all the training needed to be a successful teacher. Most important of all, Bridge for All teachers recognise that learning should be fun !

Bridge for All students receive an initial complimentary 12 month membership of the English Bridge Union, which brings a range of membership benefits

A welcome pack on joining, including a 15 month EBU diary.
The magazine English Bridge, sent to members 6 times a year.
The Ruffian, a special publication for newcomers to bridge.
Discounts at the EBU Bridge Shop to buy things you need, like cards or tables
A helpline (01296-317217) to answer your questions
The opportunity to attend Really Easy weekend bridge breaks for students
A nationwide simultaneous bridge contest once a year played in your classroom.

After the first half of the course you should be able to:

Say what suits, tricks, trumps and scoring are
Understand how the game is played
Plan how to take the tricks in a simple no trump contract
Draw trumps and play a simple suit contract
Defend a hand, making leads and following suit as required
Open the bidding with a 1NT bid and make appropriate responses
Open the bidding with a suit (e.g. 1♣) and respond to the opening bid
Recognise whether this is a game or part score hand
Play a social game with friends or in a small friendly game in class

By the end of the year you should be able to:

As a declarer, plan and play the hand
As a defender, choose and play a sensible opening lead
Work out how contracts might be beaten
Compete when the opponents open the bidding, choosing between suit and no trump overcalls and takeout doubles
Respond after partner opens or overcalls with one no trump
Be able to open the bidding with 2♣ to show very strong hands and respond
Be able to open the bidding with long weak suits and respond (e.g. 3♠)
Describe to others the system you have learned
Enjoy playing bridge at home or in the classroom and know about the opportunities for playing with others
Play bridge, not needing the teacher standing by!
Enter a simple duplicate competition at the club

How do I join a Class?

Contact Lisa on the number below who will provide details of accredited Full and Professional members of English Bridge Teachers Association in your area.

Teachers start their courses throughout the year although the autumn is the traditional time for courses to begin. Most teachers teach privately or in conjunction with their club. Courses are available all over England and are held in bridge clubs, village halls, teachers' homes etc.

When classes stop you will want to keep playing. Some teachers run their own beginners and improvers clubs so there is a natural progression from the classes. Otherwise students are encouraged to join a local club. Many clubs organise social or gentle duplicate sessions suitable for less experienced players as well as supervised play and other similar formats. The key thing is too keep practicing and develop the confidence to venture out of the classroom; and play with players of similar ability. Very soon you will be saying 'I don't know what I did before I took up bridge'.

For help and information on Bridge for All, contact:

Lisa Miller
English Bridge Education & Development
Broadfields, Bicester Road
Aylesbury HP19 8AZ
Tel: 01296 317217
The helpline is open from 9:00am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday