The Lords' Trophy.

With the match between Eton and Habs B played Last Thursday (Eton won 52-25), the first edition of the Inter-schools League for the Lord Trophy is underway.

After the schools Cup went online last March, given the tremendous success of it, at EBED we decided to put together an all year round competition for schools to be played online.

Thanks to many people's effort, particularly Joan Bennett and Stuart Haring, over 30 teams from 17 schools will be taking part, divided in 3 Divisions, according to experience with the game of bridge.

Nominations for Awards Now Open

Nominations can now be made for two teaching awards which are awarded jointly by EBU and  English Bridge Education and Development (EBED).

EBED Welcomes new Youth Coordinator Joan Bennett

EBED is pleased to announce that Joan Bennett has joined the charity as National Youth Coordinator.

Joan - a former winner of the Tom Bradley award - has been a driving force in junior bridge for the past few decades. She brings her talent and knowledge to EBED in what has been a very difficult time for junior bridge, with schools and universities dealing with Covid for well over 12 months now.