Eton College Presented with the Inaugural Lords Trophy

On Wednesday the 29th of June, Eton College, winners of the Inter-schools League, were presented with the new Lords Trophy during a visit to the House of Lords.

Following on the Schools Cup having been played online in 2020 and 2021, EBED decided to build upon the success of those events. Following an idea by Stuart Haring and the relentless work of Joan Bennett (EBED’s national youth coordinator), in September 2019 the Inter-schools League was up and running.

Junior teach in

Our next Junior Teach-in will be 2nd to 4th September 2022. Join us for a fun packed weekend of learning and playing bridge and having fun.

Your kids and young people with accompanying adult. All welcome whether you are new to bridge or an expert already.
• Lots of tuition, practice, tournaments and prizes!
• Opportunities for everyone to join in with quizzes and leisure activities.
• Finish in good time to get home early on Sunday evening.

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Habs back to the top in the Schools Cup

With the lack of certainty about face-to-face events when it was arranged, this year’s Schools Cup and Youth Challenge took place online. After the advent of the inter-schools online league, this has become quite normal for many of the students and 22 teams participated, amongst the highest numbers in recent years.


38 juniors aged 8-17 and 24 teachers, parents and grandparents joined the South-Eastern Counties Junior Bridge Camp in the beautiful Sussex countryside at Bowles Rocks on 23rd and 24th October. It was the first face to face junior event since the lockdowns. The children enjoyed an intense weekend of training, competitions and much more. The England U-16 squad were there as well and used it as a training session, as they prepare for next year European Championships.

The Lords' Trophy.

With the match between Eton and Habs B played Last Thursday (Eton won 52-25), the first edition of the Inter-schools League for the Lord Trophy is underway.

After the schools Cup went online last March, given the tremendous success of it, at EBED we decided to put together an all year round competition for schools to be played online.

Thanks to many people's effort, particularly Joan Bennett and Stuart Haring, over 30 teams from 17 schools will be taking part, divided in 3 Divisions, according to experience with the game of bridge.