Club Teacher Training Courses

Our programme for 2022

EBED provides a training course for players wanting to teach in any setting, whether at your own local bridge club, a community or private venue or online. All our courses are led by experienced professional members of the English Bridge Teachers Association (EBTA).

The courses are run over 2 days and cover a range of topics to give the aspiring bridge teacher the skills to teach bridge effectively, set up their courses and market and advertise to reach potential students. Delegates get to practice teaching a bridge lesson, learn about the range of resources available to help you plan and deliver lessons, develop teaching methods and styles, and find out how minibridge can get your students started.

Scheduled courses

York Bridge Club 17/18 September 2022
Sevenoaks 29/30 September 2022 (FULL)
New Dates Announced:
London (Young Chelsea BC): 29/ 30 September 2022
Brierfield BC (Lancashire): 19/ 20 November 2022
Online teacher training* 13th and 27th November 2022

*online teacher training course. This is targeted for prospective teachers wishing to learn to teach their students using online bridge platforms. The course is delivered over zoom across 2 separate days, a fortnight apart.

New courses are being arranged, so check back regularly.

If there no course local to you and you wish to attend one, please get in touch. Would your bridge club benefit from new members? Is your club interested in hosting a Club Teacher Training course? If you would like to know more please call Mark Humphris on 01296-317218

Course Pricing
The course price from 1st September 2022 is £220 which includes EBTA membership (currently £45 per annum renewable every April). All EBU affiliated clubs receive discounts or concessionary places, see below.

To Book
Either call Lisa Miller (Mon, Tue & Wed) on 01296 317217 or select the 'Book Courses' option available through the utilities tab via My EBU. Online bookings are for full price places only. Please read the information below for discounted and concessionary bookings.

Free Places for Affiliated Clubs
Clubs affiliated to the EBU may receive a 'free place'. They should book by calling Lisa Miller on 01296-317217 (Mon, Tues and Weds) and a club official should email Jonathan Lilycrop (EBU Club Liaison Officer authorising the attendance of their club member.

  1. At the time of booking through Lisa (01296-317217), clubs must request a free place and will be required to pay in full.
  2. Upon a member's completion of the course, the cost will be refunded to the club (via their EBU account) within a month.
  3. Each club may only apply for one free place every two calendar years i.e. if a free place is given for a course in 2021 the club will next be able to receive a free place in 2023.
  4. If receiving a free place (unless in exceptional circumstances) a club must remain affiliated for the following two years.
  5. Applications for a free place should only be made in the spirit for which it is intended – as part of a club-wide effort to grow membership through the development of a teaching programme.

Concessions for EBU Affiliated Clubs
For all bookings received from, invoiced to, and paid by, an EBU affiliated club, a £30 discount is granted (this discount is funded by the EBU). The discount is only offered to clubs paying for their teachers to attend. There is no limit to the number of attendees from each club. All other bookings are at full price and places are subject to availability.

Cancellation policy

Due to ongoing disruption caused by Coronavirus we are sympathetic to a change in circumstances. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend.

We recommend that delegates book travel and accommodation using flexible bookings. EBED are unable to reimburse delegates for additional costs such as accommodation, travel etc. if a course is rescheduled.

In the event of EBED rescheduling a course, a full refund or option to transfer will apply. Please call Lisa Miller, EBED Education Coordinator, on 01296-317217 for further information.