EBED Simultaneous Pairs

2019 EBED Sim Pairs

The dates for EBED Sims are:
Spring Simultaneous Pairs - Monday 13th to Thursday 16th May
Autumn Simultaneous Pairs - Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September

These are open to all bridge clubs, whether affiliated to the EBU or unaffiliated. Affiliated clubs should register to take part through My EBU on the EBU website. Unaffiliated clubs should contact richard@ebedcio.org.uk - there is no surcharge for unaffiliated clubs.

All profits from the events go to EBED, and help to fund its activities promoting and developing bridge in England for the benefit of all players.

EBED Sim Pairs 2018

Thank you to everyone who took part in the EBED Simultaneous Pairs in May and September, and to the clubs which hosted heats.

Congratulations to the winners:

Monday 30th April - Steve Auchterlonie & Mark Benson, Folkestone Duplicate BC
Tuesday 1st May - Robert Miller & John Walshaw, Kettering BC
Wednesday 2nd May - Mike Rounds & Sue Dyball, Worthing BC
Thursday 3rd May - Les Hoy & Mike Tomlinson, Poulton BC

Monday 3rd September - Steve Auchterlonie & Malcolm Lewis, Folkestone Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday 4th September - Jackie Davies & John Neville, Leverstock Green Bridge Club
Wednesday 5th September - Daniel McIntosh & Rudi Falla, CICBA (Guernsey) Bridge Club
Thursday 6th September - Richard Wheen & Vanessa Sadler, Buckland Bridge Club
Friday 7th September - David Beckingham & Julia Fauvel, Island Bridge Club

The full results are available via the specific day above, or through the EBU website.

The proceeds from both the Spring and Autumn events will go to help our work in creating the new bridge players, and bridge teachers, which are necessary for the game to thrive. Thank you to everyone who has taken part.

The EBED Students & Schools Simultaneous Pairs

The 2019 EBED Student and Schools Sim Pairs will take place in February and March, with separate events for Minibridge and Bridge. It is open to anyone attending bridge classes, and is free to enter. If your group would like more info please click here or to take part please contact Lisa Miller - 01296 317217, lisa@ebedcio.org.uk - for more information

The 2018 EBED Student and Schools Sim Pairs took place in the spring, with 700 bridge students and school children playing in their first simultaneous bridge or minibridge competition. We hope it will be the first of many.

The results are available on the EBU website – minibridge; bridge

The Bridge For All Minibridge Simultaneous Pairs

This event, organised by EBED, with schools and beginners groups able to participate in a nationwide minibridge competition is taking place in October & November 2018

The event is a great way for bridge students to put what they have learned in to practice in a national competition. The hands can be played any time over an approx 4-6 week period, and a commentary booklet is available to help participants know what they could, and perhaps should, have done.

If your group would like to take part please contact Lisa Miller - 01296 317217, lisa@ebedcio.org.uk - for more information and to receive the relevant hand records and commentaries. Results for the event in 2017 can be found on the EBU website