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English Bridge Education and Development

Mindful of the aspirations, regulatory framework and focus of Community Interest Companies and other social enterprises (including bridge related charities). EBED’s approach is to consider helping such organisations with start-up or expansion, subject to their being a sound business plan in place. EBED will not normally support the running costs of such organisations which should be covered by sales of goods and services.

1. Trustees expect that grants will normally achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Services and activities that work – helping groups maintain, expand or provide new bridge related services, with an emphasis on quality and effectiveness.
  • Stronger organisations – organisational development rather than the costs of maintaining existing bridge related services.
  • Change in policy and practice – where the focus is not directly on providing bridge related services but on influencing improvements in relevant policy and practice.

2. Grant requests which the trustees will not normally support are:

  • Contributions to general appeals or circulars;
  • Activities which have not sought the support of local bridge organisations within the geography, or where such activity conflicts with other activities planned or in place;
  • Public and local authority bodies to carry out their statutory obligations;
  • Activities which solely support a specific club;
  • Activities which have already taken place;
  • Grant-making by other organisations.

3. The lowest amount that a grant will normally be made for is £250. This applies to grant requests and donor-nominated grants. There is no upper limit but applicants should be mindful of EBED’s average grant size.

4. Funds are not designated to support individuals.

For further information on how to make an application, please contact EBED on 01296-317218