Course Calendar - Club Director Training

Please note: due to the Coronavirus alert, all courses advertised may be subject to cancellation. EBED will give as much notice as possible if a course is to be cancelled. We would also advise you to book flexible accommodation and travel arrangements if either is required in order to attend your course.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions for further information on our courses.

We are resuming face-to-face training from August 2021 and are in the process of organising further courses so additional venues will be added. Please contact Jacks Morcombe (01296 317218 if you are interested in arranging a course to be held at your local club.

Online Judgement Rulings - Wednesday 24th November 2021
Delivered via web conferencing, the course equips delegates with the skills required to confidently direct for their virtual club. Cost £67.50 - reduced to £62.50 if also completing full club TD training. For further information contact Jacks at EBED

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a refresher day at your local club - (for further information contact Jacks at EBED)

Club Director Refresher Course
Richmond - Saturday 9th October 2021 POSTPONED
EBUScore course - delivered face to face or remotely
EBUScore Remote Training Half Day - Saturday 2nd October 2021
Cost £27.50 (£25 for EBU members)
Courses are organised on a demand led basis. If you would like to register for an online course or require face to face training at your local club please contact Jacks at EBED
Advanced TD Training Day (previously known as County TD Preparation course)
Advanced director training will resume in 2022

for further information please Click Here

County TD Training Weekend
County TD Training will resume in 2022
How to run a club duplicate (previously known as "Essentials") £69 (£62.50 for EBU Members)
Sheffield - Saturday 21st August 2021 - postponed
Richmond - Saturday 28th August 2021 - postponed
Aylesbury - Wednesday 1st September 2021
Solihull - Saturday 4th September 2021
Stretford - Saturday 16th October 2021

Club Director Training Course Calendar

Book Rulings £69 (£62.50 for EBU Members)
Sheffield - Saturday 4th September 2021 - postponed
Richmond - Saturday 11th September 2021 - postponed
Aylesbury - Wednesday 15th September 2021
Solihull - Saturday 11th September 2021
Book (cont'd) and Judgement Rulings £69 (£62.50 for EBU Members)
Sheffield - Saturday 18th September 2021 - postponed
Richmond - Saturday 2nd October 2021 - postponed
Aylesbury - Wednesday 6th October 2021
Solihull - Saturday 9th October 2021
Assessment £69 (£62.50 for EBU Members)
Sheffield - Saturday 9th October 2021 - postponed
Richmond - Saturday 30th October 2021- postponed
Aylesbury - Wednesday 27th October 2021
Solihull - Saturday 23rd October 2021