EBED Students and Schools National Simultaneous Pairs starts soon

The EBED Students and Schools National Simultaneous Pairs is starting soon, with heats being played throughout March.

The event is open to all bona fide bridge students who are currently having lessons through an EBUTA teacher, Bridge for All or any other teaching scheme. It is also open to schools. Heats can be run any time during March, and more than one session can be held if needed. A minimum of one table is all that is needed to hold a heat so even the smallest of groups can be involved.

The event gives students the opportunity to play in one of their first national events, competing against all the other students entering across the country. It is fun to play in, with just the right amount of challenge to make it exciting and interesting! A hand commentary is provided so both students and teacher can consider the hands where they could have done better.

There were over 300 pairs entered in 2014, and we hope to have even more this year. Entry is free and is made by bridge teachers on behalf of their group.

Please see here for information on entering and organising your heat.

If you need any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa by phone on 01296 317217 or email lisa@ebu.co.uk.