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Support England's junior internationals

EBED is supporting the English Bridge Union's work to raise funds for England's junior teams' participation in the 2018 World Youth Team Championships in China. Thank you for making a donation.

Part of EBED's remit is to promote and develop the playing of bridge by those in full time education, and its constitution makes specific provision for supporting junior involvement in events organised by the World Bridge Federation.

By making a donation through EBED, and through this CAF platform, we will be able to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. Your donation will be included as part of a larger donation by EBED to the EBU to support the junior teams.

The fundraising will not only contribute to the costs of participation, but also to the squad's training sessions in the build up to the event so they can perform as well as possible in the competition. We hope that this may give further enthusiasm to youngsters who may just be starting to play; that it may motivate more to give bridge a try; and that it may encourage more people to set up bridge activities for young players.

An update on sponsorship activity can be seen here.

To see a list of the organisations who are sponsoring the squads, please visit the Junior Squad page.

This page will be closed on 31st August. Any further donations after that date are gladly received, but should be made directly to the EBU (contact for details)

To make a donation to another aspect of EBED's work, please go here.