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EBTA LogoEnglish Bridge Teachers Association (EBTA) promotes and supports effective teaching of bridge. Its aims are to attain the highest standard of bridge teaching across England, professionalise the teaching of bridge; in order to maximise the number of bridge players. These aims are achieved through EBTA membership and the provision, to its members, of information, advice and training related to all aspects of bridge teaching.

EBTA Benefits

Membership of the English Bridge Teachers’ Association, gives you a range of features with SAVINGS, SUPPORT and TECHNICAL benefits

Cost £45 per Annum
The EBTA Membership package:


  • Generous discounts on Bridge for All materials - Recover your EBTA membership fee with just a few book sales.
  • Free Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance - saving you around £150 p.a.
  • No Fear Bridge offers free membership for EBTA teachers


  • Club Teacher Training course includes up to one year of EBTA membership, and is our recommended starting point for best practice in bridge teaching
  • NEW TEACHING HUB: our members only, online services area with teaching resources, structured courses, support, training and many downloadable materials. (Video link for help logging in)
  • Training opportunities - EBTA members are supported with continual professional development via online webinars, videos and workshops to help you teach in class or online
  • Access to advice and support from EBED
  • Promote yourself in our EBED Teacher directory (optional)
  • Full and Professional membership progression program


  • FREE licensed use of EBU Score
  • Free access to V-Blue and VuBridge learning
  • Hand Generator program (an MS Word macro for creating and editing deals)
  • HandPlay software (for creating, testing and demonstrating card play)


  • Monthly online ‘Generation Game’ - encouraging parents, grandparents and carers to introduce young family members to the world of bridge
  • Sign up your own students for a FREE one year EBU membership
  • Extended FREE trial of No Fear Bridge and discount student membership offer
  • Students receive the new online magazine Discovery for learners and improving players
  • The EBED online Student Zone has links to some popular learning resources all in one place
  • EBED practice deals pre-loaded in the free online IntoBridge.com platform

Who can join?

Membership is open to all, whether you are an established teacher or newly interested in teaching, provided you are in good standing with the English Bridge Union. Initially, you will join as an Associate member, gaining access to the wide range of membership benefits. Our members teach in many settings including

  • Bridge Clubs (either independent or affiliated to EBU)
  • Education centres and schools
  • Community Centres, Village Halls and Sports Clubs
  • Private homes
  • Cruise ships
  • How do I join?

    You can join EBTA directly at our NEW TEACHING HUB, where you can sign up and pay your subscription.

    If you have been a member in the past and wish to rejoin, you can rejoin at our NEW TEACHING HUB

    For any renewal payment or account queries please contact:
    Lisa Miller
    English Bridge Education & Development CIO
    Broadfields, Bicester Road
    Aylesbury HP19 8AZ
    Tel: 01296 317217
    email: lisa@ebedcio.org.uk

    For existing members teaching support needs, email support@ebedcio.org.uk

    How much does my EBTA Membership cost?

    The current cost of membership is £45.00 for a 12 month membership

    Continuous Professional Development

    Anyone who is a member of EBTA is described as an Associate Member. One year’s free Associate Membership is also included when you join one of our Club Teacher Training courses. Attending this course will give you a strong base to develop your teaching skills plus a structured approach to delivering our bridge teaching programmes in class or online.

    To become a Full Member of EBTA there is an assessment process which includes a bridge knowledge test, provision of teaching evidence and a lesson observation by one of our EBTA Professional Members or Teacher Educators. Once completed you will be able to use the title, EBED Approved Bridge Teacher. The Full Membership assessment is free if you have completed a Club Teacher Training course within the last three years. If it is more than three years since your course, there is a fee of £45.
    The current procedure for becoming a Full Member is explained here. Online and remote assessment is available for everyone, not just those teachers who teach on line.

    To become a Professional Member of EBTA, teachers must show satisfactory performance in a number of key areas, amongst which are ongoing support for their students, a commitment to help less experienced bridge teachers and, most importantly, communication skills. The assessment process includes a six-month Personal Development Log, which helps us to assess whether the criteria have been met consistently over a period of time.

    More details on the process of obtaining Professional Membership can be found here.


There are several links to the Teaching Hub from our main website. Please note that teachers who previously used the old 'Teacher Zone' from a link on MyEBU may still do so. However, please note that material from the old "zone" is being moved into the NEW TEACHING HUB, Please see Teaching Hub FAQ's document.

English Bridge School (archived project). This project has now ended. Access to the Google drive associated with the project has been ended and the website English Bridge School has been closed down.

All materials issued by EBED which were branded as English Bridge School remain the copyright and intellectual property of EBED. Any teachers or organisations who acquired material from English Bridge School via EBED or any other source must comply with the material usage policy which was published on the English Bridge School website from 2020. For further information contact us. info@ebedcio.org.uk