EBTA Full Membership Progression

During the pandemic, many teachers began teaching online for the first time. Some have continued to do so and many continue to offer a mix of “in person” and online lessons. Whatever your style, we have begun to adapt our assessment methods so that we can continue to offer the EBTA progression opportunity, but this now includes more flexible options for the process.
Our application and test process can be completed online and we ask you to collate your documents for final submission using a shared folder such as Google drive or Dropbox. You will now also have the choice of observing another teacher’s lesson either in a face to face situation or online. This is also possible for the observation of your own lesson by one of our Professional Teachers. Some in person observations may be possible if there is a Professional Teacher within reasonable travel distance of your teaching location. This new flexible approach will enable you to become a Full Member of EBTA.
There is a charge of £45 unless you have completed our Club Teacher Training course within the last three years. The fee is invoiced once we receive your application.

Associate EBTA Members are invited to apply for Full Membership. This process consists of
1. Application. Complete the Application Form here
2. Test of bridge knowledge
3. Provision of evidence of resources and methods used.
4. Observation of an experienced EBTA member's lesson. (A lesson delivered by a Professional or Full member of EBTA)
5. Assessment of one of your lessons (in person or online) by an EBTA Professional Teacher / Teacher Educator
6. Completion of a short “mentoring / personal development” log

There is a charge of £45 payable via MyEBU.

Face to face teaching
Below we have listed some of the skills needed for teaching online, but we encourage teachers who are solely teaching face to face to be aware of these skills and to aim to enhance their classroom lessons by making the most of technology.

Criteria for online teaching::
For online teaching we expect teachers to have very proficient IT skills, excellent communication skills and knowledge of sharing resources online. The teacher should have experience of playing bridge on line and ideally teaching in a classroom. We recognise that teaching online is a new skill which teachers are acquiring and we aim to support this. We are keen to share examples of good practice and encourage teachers to try new methodologies which are unique to the on line environment.

Here are some of the examples of skills and knowledge which are required for online teaching.

  • Experience of online play (e.g. BBO or BCL)
  • Experience of using online teaching environments (e.g. google classroom)
  • Ability to create, edit and save deal files
  • Ability to use shared screens during lessons
  • Able to use whiteboard applications for teaching (e.g. jamboard or zoom whiteboard)
  • Use of online quiz creation tools
  • Ability to create or adapt teaching materials for online use.
  • Ability to record and share your lessons and material (for use with your students and for teaching evidence if required)

Your lesson should show evidence of how you

  • Plan and prepare your lesson materials
  • Communicate effectively with all students during the lesson.
  • Engage students in discussion to enhance their learning.
  • Make creative use of technology for teaching.
  • Use online play environments to develop students bridge skills and knowledge
  • Adapt methodologies to fit either online or in person teaching environment
  • Assess and monitor your students’ learning and progression.

If you wish to apply, please complete the application form here