EBED Service Definition

Published September 2017

At September 2017, EBED is able to offer the following services to organisations and individuals whether or not they are members of the EBU.

    1. The provision of books and publications for beginners and improvers based on the Bridge for All syllabus.
    2. An annual schedule of teacher training courses and tournament director training courses.
    3. Advice on bridge education matters
    4. Advice and material for teachers going into schools to teach bridge and mini-bridge
    5. Attendance at regional events and club visits in connection with Youth matters where the YAG consider the
    public benefit justifies the cost
    6. A programme of annual events for juniors
    7. A structured award scheme for juniors learning bridge
    8. Small grants for individuals and organisations who cannot take part in bridge education, because of financial
    9. A national association for bridge teachers (EBTA) which offers members:
      A significant discount on educational bridge books
      Access to extensive material to assist with teaching
      Advice on teaching matters
      Free liability insurance for teachers
      A formal structure of qualifications supported by individual assessment
    10. Representation, on a limited basis, at national events and meetings organised by the EBU

As well as providing these services to the public, EBED personnel have a significant involvement in a number of other areas. Particularly:

    11. Running the charity efficiently and effectively and in line with charity law and the good governance code – particularly governance, finance, policies, processes and procedures.
    12. Working on three major projects – (1) improvements to the EBTA service, (2) growing the business to generate an increased surplus to enable more investment in loss making services and (3) growing the income from grants and sponsors
    13. Working in partnership with Stirling University and Imperial College, researching the social and medical benefits of playing bridge

EBED is a small charity with limited financial resources and only 4 (mainly part time) staff, based at Aylesbury and working from home. This unfortunately means the charity struggles, at this stage in its development, to provide some services that are often requested. These include:
(a) An immediate response to telephone and email queries;
(b) Bespoke training events;
(c) Ad-hoc attendance at regional meetings;
(d) Ad-hoc visits to clubs