EBED Minibridge Sims (Free to enter)

Entries for the EBED Minibridge Sim Pairs close on Monday 7th October.

This is a great opportunity for any new students of the game to take part in an informal competition at an early stage of their learning.

12 hands have been prepared with a commentary for use by teachers with new students of any age group. The hands are organised in 3 groups of 4, with each of North, South, West and East declaring one hand in each group.

Heats can be arranged at any time from Oct 7th – on one date, or spread over several dates if easier to do 4 hands one day and 4 hands on another – provided that results are submitted by Dec 7th. A spreadsheet will be provided for submitting results. There is no minimum or target number of hands to be played, so please be as flexible and inclusive as possible.

If you wish to take part or have any questions about the event, please contact richard@ebu.co.uk for further information.