Fun, friendship and the many other reasons why people play bridge

Because it's challenging, a great way to meet people, and endlessly enjoyable - these are just some of the reasons why people play bridge.

As part of EBED's ongoing research work, a survey was circulated in 2016 in which respondents were invited to answer the question 'why do you play bridge?'. Researchers at Stirling University, with whom EBED are collaborating, have finished analysing replies from over 6,000 players explaining why they keep returning to the table.

Prof. Sam Punch gives the following summary of what the answers revealed: "Bridge is a fascinating, competitive, engaging and exciting leisure activity that is an ever-changing puzzle. It impacts positively on player’s lives in many ways that transcends mental exercise, including friendship, socialising, travel and fun".

This blog from Sam and her colleague, Elizabeth Graham, gives further thoughts on the reasons people play, and the many benefits of playing bridge at any age.

The full report on the study is available here.

This work is just a part of the research with which EBED is involved. See here for more information on other projects.