EBED Autumn Sim Pairs supports bridge teaching

The EBED Autumn Simultaneous Pairs took place in early September and all the results and commentaries can be found on the EBU website via the links below.

We are targeting the proceeds on "improving and developing the infrastructure for bridge teaching in England". Thank you to all clubs and players who took part to support this important work which will help to ensure that new players can enter the game, and help it to thrive for decades to come.

One important project in this area which has recently been completed is the development of Fast Track Bridge - the new learning programme which gives the opportunity to learn to play bridge in just 24 hours of lessons. You can find out more about it here.

Monday 4th September Commentary Booklet
Tuesday 5th September Commentary Booklet
Wednesday 6th September Commentary Booklet
Thursday 7th September Commentary Booklet
Friday 8th September Commentary Booklet