Bridge with people with learning difficulties

EBED is pleased to have been working with a group to bring bridge to people with learning difficulties.

Richard Pearl led the group and he writes:

"This project arose as a result of a course I participated in - one of Landmark Worldwide’s programmes in which we set up a community project. I chose to arrange courses in starter bridge with Action For Kids, a North London charity which was the beneficiary of Crouch End café bridge in 2016 and 2017. I wanted to find out if this wonderful game could be made available for the students who have learning difficulties across a wide spectrum.

To this effect I recruited a number of coaching volunteers and had great support from Richard Banbury of English Bridge Education and Development. He put me in contact with Liz Dale, author and passionate enthusiast of bridge for young people. She came down to London and promoted the principles of partnership, competition and generosity, which were the keystones of our series of 6 lessons. Her manuals were the basis for the lessons.

We started with 5 students and an equal number of coaches, initially with 12 cards from one suit (spades), and then gradually increased the number of card to 24, 36, 48 and finally 52 cards.

We have had 4 sessions to date and are likely to have another series after this one completes in July. The students love the sessions and are learning well. Although it is early days, I can see these young people enjoying our lovely game to the full in the near future."

Action for Kids - Crouch End Cafe Bridge

As a result of the success of this project Liz Dale will be running a similar scheme in Northamptonshire, starting in October. If you would be interested in more details please get in touch.