Scientific conference held on the benefits of bridge

A conference, organised by the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun, Poland, took place on 20-21 April, with speakers addressing the topic of “Recreational Activity and Joy in Senior’s Life”. Supported by the World and European Bridge Federations, the first day was devoted to the positive effects that bridge can have in this area, in both improving social interaction, and in reducing cognitive decline. This was the first scientific conference of its kind.

One of the guest speakers was Prof. Sam Punch, of Stirling University, who is collaborating with EBED on its work in to the health and wellbeing benefits of playing bridge. Speakers from six other countries also presented papers on the work being done on the topic at their institutions, or by their NBO, showing the wide ranging interest in the positive impact that playing bridge can have.

To find out more on the work which EBED has done, and hopes to do in future, please visit the pages on our Health and Wellbeing Research.