The Junior Award Scheme - Diamond level

The skills which must be displayed to achieve this level are:

Demonstrate 4th hand/protective bidding
Understand the Law of Total Tricks
Bid slams using splinter bids
Use a forcing 2NT response system to 1Major openings
Use unassuming cue bids (UCB) to aid competitive bidding
Demonstrate a knowledge of common two-suited overcalls (such as Michaels Cue Bid or Unusual NT)
Demonstrate a trump coup
Demonstrate coup en passant and elopements
By playing, show that you are counting every deal you play
Be able to explain Smith Peters
Demonstrate a simple squeeze
Play regularly in a national event
Attend a junior squad training session
Continue to show high levels of ethics and behaviour at all times when playing

The guidelines for teachers for assessing this level of the scheme are available here.