May 2019

2019 Interschools Bridge Tournament a Success!

On Friday 17th May, the 2019 Interschools Bridge Tournament took place and EBED is pleased to announce that the event was a great success with around 56 participating children, over 10% up from 2018. There was representation from 8 primary and secondary schools, including St James, Weald Community Primary, Sevenoaks Primary, Sevenoaks, Sackville, Skinners’ Kent Primary, Tonbridge Grammar School and Weald of Kent Grammar School.

Farewell to David Emerson

David, who joined EBED last year as Youth Officer, left EBED on Friday 17th May. We would like to thank him for his contribution during his short time in the role and wish him all the best in the future. Our new EBED Youth Officer will be Giles Ip, who joined us a few weeks ago, please join us in welcoming Giles to the team. There are some very exciting projects that are in store at EBED and he will be directly involved in expanding youth bridge activity in the United Kingdom.