July 2016

Sevenoaks school children loving bridge, and looking for opponents

Pupils at Weald Community Primary School in Sevenoaks have fallen in love with bridge. Some of the pupils have recently completed the first stage of EBED's Junior Award Scheme, achieving the 'minibridge' level. They will soon move on to the bronze level, and also are hopeful that children at other schools in Kent will learn so that they have matches with them next year.

You can read more in this article from the Sevenoaks Chronicle.

The Junior Award Scheme is available to all schools or bridge groups. It is a great way to encourage engagement amongst those who are just lerning, and to further the development of those who have already learned the basics. More information is available here.

If you wish to start a junior bridge club, whether at a school or 'youth club', or as part of an existing bridge club, then EBED can offer assistance. Contact us to find out how we can help.