EBED Small Grants Policy

Purpose of the grants

To provide small grants to individuals or organisations that are unable to partake in bridge education related activities because of financial hardship.


• Need to complete an application form and provide evidence of financial hardship. For an organisation this will usually be the latest balance sheet. For individuals, evidence of benefit award or a description of particular circumstances.
• Should not have received a grant from EBED in the last 3 years.


• To individuals, will not usually exceed £100, to organisations £500.
• Will not usually exceed 50% of the total cost of the activity i.e. applicants should expect to share in the costs.


The trustees set aside an annual budget for this purpose. The size of this budget will vary from year to year depending on the previous year’s spend and the financial outlook for the charity as a whole. When the budget is exceeded then no further grants will be made from this fund in the financial year.


The EBED Chief Executive Officer approves all grants from this fund and their decision is final. Applicants will normally receive an answer within 2 weeks of EBED receiving a completed application form and associated evidence.

Last revised - November 2017