Adding Events to the Youth Bridge Calendar

In order to add your events to our Calendar, you must have a Google account. Any gmail account, can be used. (If you already use Gmail or have an Android smartphone, you will already have one).
If you don't currently have a google account click here for instructions on setting one up.

Adding your classes to our Calendar

  1. E-mail providing the e-mail address for your Google account and your EBU Number. You will receive a reply once you have been set up as a user.
  2. Go to Click on the icon in the top right hand corner made up of nine little squares, then click on Calendar. You will be prompted to log in to your Google account if you are not already logged in.
  3. You will see a calendar as shown on the image above. Your name will appear where the black box is shown. Use the menu highlighted by the red box to select your viewing preference. To add a class, follow the steps below:
    • Click on the date of your event.
    • Add the title for your event.
    • Click on "Add time" to add timings.
    • Use the drop down menu below to select the "EBED Youth Bridge" calendar. If you don't select this calendar, the event will be added to your personal calendar and not the public one.
    • Next click on "More options".
    • To make your event a repeating event, click on "Does not repeat" and then on "Custom".
    • Specify how many weeks the event is to repeat for or repeat on a different cycle such as fortnightly. Please remember to specify an end date.
    • Once you have set up a repeating event, you can move individual sessions for one-off changes such as day or time.
    • Next add a description of your class using the following format, START WITH VENUE information as title, contact details, who the class is aimed at or any other information you'd like to appear.
    • Finally, click "Save"
    You will return to the calendar screen and your classes will show both there and on the EBED public club course calendar.

Creating a Google Account

You can choose to create a new Gmail e-mail address or simply use any existing e-mail address as your username. If you choose an existing e-mail address, You will need to be able to access it so that you can verify that it belongs to you.

You will also need access to a phone as Google will send a text message to a phone number that you provide as another way to verify your account. Don't worry if you only have a landline - you can still receive a text message, it will be read out by an automated system when you pick up the phone. If this doesn't work, there is also an option to be called instead of being sent a text message.

Click here and follow the instructions as they appear on each page to set up your account. Once your account is activated, scroll back up this page or click here for instructions on adding your classes to the calendar.