Free Internet Resources

Teaching Resources

Many of the sites below provide further information on teaching bridge. However, undoubtedly one of the best sites on all aspects of bridge is Richard Pavlicek’s “For Bridge Players

Convention Cards

English Bridge Union A range of downloadable straightforward convention cards

Young Chelsea website with a convention card including three Weak 2’s

Playing Bridge Online

Bridge Base Online

Play drop-in bridge, watch matches on VuGraph, participate in forums- what’s not to like? Download their software for free access to their Bridge Library

National Bridge Associations

Contract Bridge Association of Ireland
Northern Ireland Bridge Union
Scottish Bridge Union
Welsh Bridge Union

American Contract Bridge League

A range of useful documents on bidding and all the information you might need about playing in the USA

Federazione Italiana Gioco Bridge

Check out the magazine “Bridge d’Italia” for a perspective on bridge – with style!

Fédération Française de Bridge

Your school French will get a good workout when reading the interesting L’As de Trèfle (ace of clubs) magazine with insights and information on bridge just the other side of the channel

Other bridge associations can be found through the EBL and WBF websites (see below)

Other Resources

Bridgebum (a reference to the great Alan Sontag)
A large set of descriptions of bidding conventions, as well as pages about famous bridge players - such as Warren Buffett -and personal bridge articles.

Bridge Guys
Conventions, bridge history and much much more.

World Bridge Federation
Has links to National Bridge Organisations as well as news of Major Competitions , a people finder and convention card resources, Useful for holiday planning and oneupmanship

European Bridge League
Has information on upcoming competitions, the laws of bridge, and details on the governance of bridge in Europe

Neapolitan Club
Online bridge newsletter – the stories behind the action

New in Bridge
Daily news and tools to improve your game

Bridge Winners
A top site for top players

Paul Gipson's site with his bridge blog and much useful information

Andrew Robson
Andrew Robson’s articles in the Times include plenty of useful material appropriate for teaching. Please note that a Times subscription is required to view this content.

The Bridge World
Magazine website with a range of useful resources well worth exploring – and including numerous play and defensive quizzes

CSB News
A lively newsletter with a range of useful resources from the Confederación Sudamericana de Bridge (but available in English!)