Available now : revised version of Beginning Bridge Book One

Practice Book One  Book Image

This year behind the scenes the EBED team have been busy working on reviewing our training materials and today, we are pleased to launch Phase 1, the latest edition of the Bridge for All course work book, Beginning Bridge Book One - A First Year Course on How to Play Bridge. This new edition has been refreshed, and the content updated to include more relevant modern playing systems.

Phase 2 is to review the supporting training materials and update them in line with the new book. Most of the 2019 Hand Banks are available now on the Teachers Zone. Beginning Bridge Book One Teachers Notes are expected to be available for download by 10th November also via the Teachers Zone. Phase 3 includes the revised System Summary Card which we expect to be available by the middle of November and finally, phase 4, the review of Practise Beginning Bridge Book One which is currently being undertaken.

Thanks go to EBTA members who contributed to the revised materials.

Beginning Bridge Book One 2019 together with our suite of Bridge for All learning materials are available to purchase from Lisa Miller on 01296 317217 or online www.bridge-warehouse.co.uk.