Teach Minibridge From the Comfort of Your Own Home

With the current circumstances in our lives, you might be looking for something to do with your fellow family members.

Do you have any young family members or know of any friends who do? Would they be interested in learning minibridge?

You will be provided with some resources and materials that can help teach minibridge to young people. You will also be given full support and coaching remotely! What a time to teach young people the foundations of our beautiful game!

Please get in touch with us here or e-mail info@ebedcio.org.uk for more information.


  • Following our EBED live tutorial, we received this comment from Carol S, who is not yet a forum member:

    There was a question about Minibridge and how to teach it on BBO.

    In fact the New Tricks Bridge Club


    in its Play Level 2 Bridge, suggests a way to use BBO to do this. Everyone announcing their HCP to the chat and then declarer (via an external message) being told dummy’s holdings and then choosing the contract. Not so ideal but it would work.

    The other very useful tool mentioned is a way to practice how many tricks you can take by choosing the strain and then picking the contract while seeing both your hand and dummy, and then playing the hand out. This can be accessed without logging into BBO. On the home page, scroll down to learn bridge and it takes you to the ACBL learning site where there is a section on Minibridge. Here is where you can use this amazing tool to practice.


    I teach Minibridge to children, most recently Heath Primary in Ipswich. We entered the Sims pairs. Unfortunately I am not in a position to continue my lessons at the moment.

    Carol S

  • another link from Carol S
    You can play minibridge on BBO!

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