CORONA CRISIS - Teaching on line

With the current corona virus crisis, bridge clubs are closing and many students will be missing their lessons. Let’s use our forum to share ideas on how to keep in touch and keep teaching and learning with technology.

 Here are a few ideas to try:
  1. Teachers can set up their own communication groups with either a Facebook group, a Whatsapp group or an email group. You can then send out links and materials such as practice hands.
  2. Tell your students about the lesson materials they can already access with MyEBU Student Zone.
  3. Set up your own teacher Learning Path in No Fear Bridge.
  4. Run an on line lesson with Skype. You can screen share a PowerPoint presentation and talk through it. Follow up by referring students to the hands in their text book.
  5. BBO has a fantastic capability to start a teaching table. You can even upload your own hand records.


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    I will be starting lessons (probably along the lines of supervised play) on Bridge Base Online from Thursday. I am not interested in poaching students of course, but if anyone who will not be running an online alternative would like to let their students know of this option for continuing with some kind of bridge tuition, send me a message and I will give you some more information.

  • I will be starting online lessons this evening using BBO and Bridge Club Live.

    We have produced initial login instructions for Bridge Club Live and played yesterday evening. Club Live Club Login Instructions.pdf

  • Good luck all, please let us know how you get on.

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  • It has been great fun giving online lessons to each of my groups. More planned next week, and even a 1 day Learning Weekend planned on 29 March. Everything is possible online:
    Taster Sessions, Beginner Courses, Supervised Play, Improver Courses, Teams, Social 4s, Club Duplicate etc

    Simple instructions for Social 4s:

    Bridge Club Live Playing a social 4.docx.pdf

  • I'm hoping to upload some hands to BBO and start a practice table. If I do this I think I can invite four students to play preset hands and we can have 'voice' activated and all talk to each other. I then kibitz all four hands. My problem is making a .lin file of specific hands. I cannot find a site to create .lin files anywhere. Can anyone help? Playbridge lets me set two hands, but I need to do all four. Bridgesolver lets me set all four hands, but not to save as a .lin file.

  • We are aiming to get Lin files uploaded to our Teacher Zone early next week

  • OK - I have worked it out. I have lessons uploaded on bbo now, and am teaching four people at a time all next week. I have got 'voice' activated so we can hopefully all chat normally as per a lesson. We will go straight into playing. I have no idea how six hours a day of online teaching will pan out - will update at the end of it. If it goes well, I'll log in to BBO under second user name and teach two tables at the same time as per my normal lessons. God knows if that will work! The great thing is students aren't away, so numbers more predictable! I have a feeling morning lessons might work better when the number of users on the site is about 6,000. by the end of the day, when the US has joined in, the number of users is cruising up to 25,000 - that's a LOT and does give BBO problems. Before this crisis the average number of users in the evening was about 10,000.

  • Hi Lou. Having a second user name is a great idea. It could be worth having a second device if you have two tables ( e.g iPad) but two voice activated tables at once might be a tall order. I'm wondering if it would cause howling feedback as that can happen with Skype. Do let us know how you get on. We are adding advice to the Teacher Zone

  • Hi - with regards to getting the hands online - I went onto BBO, went to 'Account' on right hand vertical menu, then 'Deal Archive' at the top, then I made a new folder with the + sign and then went to 'Hand Editor' at the bottom left. I imput the hands on this and used Export to save each one to the folder I'd made. I put eight hands up, and called them by a name ending with N or W or S or E. Then, when I was teaching I had the Deal archive open, clicked on the one I wanted to play, and pressed 'Export', then 'Send Deal to Table'.

    This might not be entirely accurate as I can't always remember exactly what the button was called, but more or less.

    This seemed easier than finding out how to convert hands to .lin

    I have Skype going at the same time as it allows for several users. WhatsApp only allows for four, not four plus teacher, and the Voice facility on BBO was not good enough.

    I found it easiest to sit in any place that got vacated by a pupil who 'dropped off' the site until they were back.

    One lesson I took was only three pupils - the fourth couldn't get it to work . If I have a table of three in real life I always sit with the potential declarer on my left so that the people on my left and right get most of the bidding practice. Then my partner leads, and the dummy can move to my seat without having to fumble for a lead at the same time. I tried this on BBO, but it was clumsy. I would have to remove a player, remove me, put a new invitation out to the third player and reseat myself. It took too long.

    Last, I tried having more players and kibitzing and swopping in. I couldn't make this work smoothly, so it's rather a long-winded process trying to catch up on weeks missed, just four at a time.

    I normally made pupils play the hand out, then I would re-export the deal to the table, bid it very quickly, then, on the hamburger menu top left I would go to Teacher Options and tick the box at the bottom for plays to see all four hands. This was good for the replay, but remember to undo the option before putting the next hand up.

    When you initially start your Teaching Table, remember to untick 'Allow anyone to join' as you will find strangers are sent to the table when a pupil drops out.

    If you want to use random hands, or you have managed to save your pre-dealt hands into your archive in the right order, you can just press 'redeal' in the hamburger menu. This takes you to the next hand (assuming you selected the hands from the deal archive folder in the first place) and when the hands run out you get random hands. If you have no archive selected you always get random hands.

    That's it with my Tips for the Day! Back to teaching tomorrow for my last week for the moment.

  • There is a good site for converting pin files to .lin format

  • There's some useful online info about teaching tables on BBO
    or some videos such as

  • Following Lou's experiences, I am moving our Improvers group on-line (BBO).
    F2F we have maybe seven tables, and three or four helpers; who may have to play or just wait to give help.
    Last week we had two online tables, and just one helper.
    That was quite hard work! (I played two tables using two different accounts.)
    I am hoping to get both more players and helpers this week.

    One problem I had was 'Redeal'
    I played at one table, and that was no problem. I could just press 'Redeal'
    (Leaving a suitable amount of time for post-mortem.)
    At the other table I had four players, and I kibitzed.
    But as kibitzer/table-host I couldn't get 'Redeal' to redeal!

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    And do you have a solution?

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