Fast Track book

I'm not sure about a couple of areas:
Practice Hand 1 - page 35: better to play the spades early and throw a losing club?
Page 39 example D - 2C held in both hands!
Page 66 Practice Hand 3 - surely 2 sure H tricks
Exercise 8.1 answers - 4. question was about overcalling in H, not S. 5-answer doesn't address the question
Exercise 10.3 page 86 - Sample 2 has 14 cards!


  • Hello. Can you let us know which year your copy of the book was printed?

  • Strangely no print date but the Welcome page has 2017 at the bottom.
    RedWine24 good spots
    Hand 1 can't say why this route isn't suggested except that it might be better to get them making the contract easily. Having said that you are right but best not to make complications too quickly. At lesson 4 some are still trying to make the contract without making a mess.

    Page 39 well spotted but I am not sure to many will be overly worried by it.

    Page 66 Yes, you are correct it should be changed to 2 sure Heart tricks.
    Exercise 8.1 the question is which of these hands is "worth" a 1H overcall. Well hand 4 is better overcalled as 1S., not 1H And Question 5 is a bit of an appetizer for the students. Trying to get them to think ahead. You will find that the hardest thing to get students to do is preparation before each lesson. Reading it the day before just doesn't stick.
    Exercise 10.3 yep we all make mistakes, wouldn't be human otherwise.

    I think that these books have been prepared by volunteers and haven't been fully checked or totally revised. It may be that new prints are about to be issued and these and other amendments will be issued soon. Covid may well have interceded. I know that a great effort has been put into doing the English Bridge School on-line so some things have had to take a "back seat". Doing a revision and re-print is costly, financially and time wise.

    I know it allows some people to have a laugh and it gives some a bit of a bost to find them. At least you then know who has read the books and understood them. We have done three fast track courses and none of our students has spotted them and we don't tell them.

    Having said that I suspect that these "oversights" have been discussed before on an earlier thread.
    Enjoy your teaching and watch for those "light bulb" moments that will help you think that all is well!

  • Thanks Chaz
    My students spotted a couple of these, and I spotted the others while preparing to deliver lessons. Hopefully these will feed into the next revision, whenever that happens. It would be good if, at some stage, the Fast Track powerpoint materials were editable by teachers so that long sequences of exercises could be shortened if appropriate for the class (particularly when delivering on-line sessions).

  • Good point Redwine624. Have yoy tried loading/saving them into Power point or editing in PDF?

    On the point of on-line teaching how did you "acquire" the students? We have tried a couple of ways but no "bites" yet. even a "friend of a friend" intros haven't arisen. We are out in the "sticks" a bit. So even before the Covid lockdowns it was a bit difficult getting people interested. We tried face book and the local rags as well as locally organised "meet the people days" but not many came from those.

    Just interested.

  • Chaz,
    They are the Mervyn Jones ones and can't be edited or copied.
    I found my students through our local U3A.

  • Thanks RedWine624.

    Best wishes

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