Student Sim Pairs 2021

Are there any plans to run a (scaled back) Student (& Schools) Sim Pairs this year? It doesn't need to have prizes or anything like that, but just a publicised set of boards that can be compared against would be good.


  • I absolutely agree. Perhaps if EBED are not going to run one, we could simply find interested teachers on this forum and set up our own.

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    Hi David. This is in hand (for junior / schools events). Perhaps you can drop Steve a quick message and he can give you an update. Details will also go on our website.
    For the wider student sims, which previously gave all new bridge learners across the country the chance to play the same boards and compare results, we have decided that now that this is possible with online play anyway, so they can compare their results by simply playing online. New or less experienced players can join our weekly EBS games. Click here for complete joining instructions, which includes a link to a sign up form.

  • One of the key features of the Sims was the ability to play with your own peer group at a time that suits you, but being able to compare against hands at a later point, so I don't think that online play in itself solves that problem. I doubt also that people will be drawn away from the EBS games to play in the Sims if that was your concern.

    As you say, there are a couple of successful junior initiatives ongoing (Oxfordshire and the YC seem the most prominent but there may be others in the making) but something to bring other new players together more flexibly (and at little to no cost) would be desirable.

  • That's a really good point about people wanting to play with their own peer groups. Whenever events are planned we generally publicise them via our usual channels (website, social media, email lists). Details of the Junior Challenge are now at

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