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Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum and just about to do the Club Teacher training, but I've a few queries:
* Are there EBU charges for students on courses other than the Beginners course - there are no other items on the Warehouse for Fast Track and Standalone courses, so I assume not?
* Has anyone any tips for running an online course for more than 4 students on BBO (I've seen the recording of the EBED videocall)?
* Do club teachers generally charge for their courses? if so, what sort of charge, and how is this shared between the teacher and the club?
* Do you generally run a complete Continuing course from start to finish, or pick out selected topics depending on the demand from students?
* Can we, as club teachers, use the bits of GSuite eg Meet without students having an EBS login?

All thoughts to help a novice will be appreciated


  • Hi RedWine624
    Interesting questions and I can't say that I know all the answers. So most of this will be my opinion
    1) I don't think other courses have been set up yet. However, I don't think that will stop you getting students registered and then "doing your own thing" provided you tell your students clearly what you intend doing.
    2)No we looked at thius and decided that teaching three things at one time might be too much for some students (and stretch our megre resourse to breaking point).
    3) when we set up ,pre-covid, we did it on out own. We had one failed beginners course in that we only had four people and after the tenth week three decided it was not for them. Since then we have run three fast track courses with supervised play follow ups and they have (until Covid) been well worth our while. We set the courses so that we could at least cover our costs. That has meant that we carried a lost over two years. Having said that it is worth making it "expensive" for the students so they feel they are "buying" something important (well it is ,isn't it?). Our club offered to back us but we went solo as we did not want to be influenced.
    4) We have run a few refresher courses on selected subjects for our students but we have not taken on new students.
    5) I don;'t think you can.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the teaching. It is different and you will see your bridge standard drop. Be prepared to change your system to the one you are teaching as otherwise you will confuse yourself and the students.

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    We are always delighted to see new teachers using our forum and we look forward to seeing you on our next Club Teacher Training course. Many of your questions will be answered during the course and we include a comprehensive training element to enable you to use English Bridge School material in your teaching. The Club Teacher Training course is followed up with a progression programme to enhance your teaching skills and become a full member of EBTA.

    Our EBS material is only available for teaching students who have signed up to the EBS monthly subscription. This is an express condition of your copyrighted usage of the material. There is a lot of help available to support you and your students to use the material so you can send any specific questions to support@englishbridgeschool.org
    The EBS material is principally designed for online delivery and Google Classroom is just one of the tools to do this. We recommend Meet as it will integrate seamlessly with other Google applications and is a free video conference application which can accommodate up to 250 participants without time limits and also has a breakout rooms facility.

    As the only education charity in England which develops bridge teaching materials, supports junior bridge and teaching training we aim to further develop the EBS platform to support the needs of our students and teachers.

  • Thank you both for your comments. :)
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