Learn and Play handbanks

There must be lots of teachers and clubs that, over the years, have accumulated hand banks, with commentaries . In particular, hands geared towards what we teach on the Beginners' Course, and not random hands.

There may even be teachers and clubs that would be prepared to make these hands (deal file and commentary) available to other teachers and clubs.

The Kambites hand bank is excellent, but trying to find 15 hands a weak is a challenge.

I have exhausted No Fear bridge


  • Whatever level your learners are, there is always something interesting you can tell them about a hand that they didn’t know. However, they often spot patterns in our hand banks and they love variety so your idea of teachers across the country contributing hands of their own is fantastic. Now that we have our English Bridge School shared resource drive, it will be much easier to add materials so even if you have one interesting hand and a commentary to send us, it could become part of a BIG shared hand bank.
    We just need, a document (Google docs or Word) with the full deal and commentary and ideally a deal file. Lin or pbn are best and the student level and topic ie beginner, year two, and topic description for example declarer play - ruffing in dummy. Your name can be accredited to the commentary.
    All of our EBTA teachers have English Bridge School accounts to access material.

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