Book 2 errors

All - I think it would be useful if we could compile a list of errors in new Book2 and then publish a list of erratum so students can amend their copies. I have just taught the first lesson from it and found the following:

Page 2 the example - again the South hand should open 1NT not 1H on teaching from Book 1 - then North goes 2C . .

Page 3 the first example - again the S hand would open 1NT rather than 1H if we stick to Book 1 rigidly. Even if it is left as 1H surely N should then raise hearts rather than bid a minor form what they have been taught in Book 1?

Page 4 the first example - the S hand is surely not strong enough from what the student's have learnt so far to accept the invitation to bid 4S - even if they had covered Chapter 2 (LTC) surely they would still reject the invite with 7 losers when their partner has shown 8 losers?

Page 20/21 Hand 1 - West should open 1NT. So bidding should go 1NT - 2C (aiming for weak takeout to 3C) - 2S - Pass or 3S if we are assuming 1NT has 8 losers 4S


  • Further problems
    On CB Sect 2 L2
    Board 2 East should open 1NT not 1H (solution swop S3 to D3 in East hand & swop D3 to S3 in N hand)
    Board 4 West should open 1NT not 1H (solution swop S6 to D6 in W hand & swop D6 to S6 in N hand)

  • hi Gordon. These are now corrected in the teachers notes available in English Bridge School.

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