Supervised duplicate on BBO

This morning we attempted for the first time running a duplicate session on BBO and then using Zoom and powerpoint to go through each hand after they had been played. We had a number of teething problems and wondered if anyone can help.

We set the session up as a duplicate with 10 1 board rounds and had hoped to set the time for each round to 20 mins to give time for play and then analysis and questions. However, we found that BBO cannot be set to more than 15 minutes per Board (if you try to make it higher it just defaults to 15). We were advised to put breaks after each round which we thought we had by putting +break1+ +break2+ etc to create a break at the end of each round. We also added +bduration=8+ to give us effectively 23 minutes per round ie 15 + 8 minute break. This worked fine on round 1 but therefater BBO seemed to ignore the breaks.

Also we had 11 pairs and were going to put in a pair of robots to make up the table but when the tourney started 1 pair had been kicked off and we only had 5 tables despite having put in +allavail+ something which we have been doing on the club's regular tournaments for some months and since thenwe have never had a tournament kick a pair off at the start.

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  • We have now had another idea! Next week we are going to try jst playing the odd numbered hands and then putting in a dummy board on the even numbered ones. This will enable us to discuss an odd numbered board whilst we should be playing the ven numbered board and when we are ready we can just ask everyone to pass out the even numbered board and the system will move on?

  • Hello Gordon... I run a Zoom lesson followed by supported duplicate on BBO. If it is a bidding topic, I request that the players bid and then stop / pause before a lead is made. I give all the players the ideal bidding for that hand and they can then Undo the bids that were incorrect. When I BBO chat / send out the bidding sequence, I don't necess check that all tables have finished bidding.

    We don't play all the boards in a bidding topic - just 1 for each N, S, E and W player (out of 10 boards) - so ask them to claim for those hands where we are not going to discuss play as well.

    As BBO host / Director, it is possible to extend the time on a round after the round has started - have you tried to edit the game as Director and extend the time on each board around halfway through each board?

    I will be doing Declarer Play and Defence topics soon, and suspect that we will only get through around 6-7 hands of actual play - there I intend to ask declarers to chat to tournament to identify no of losers for example, then to provide an overall plan to make the contract and opportunities for overtricks.


  • Thanks for that - today we tried playing 9/18 boards and then just duplicating them so that Board 2 was the same as Board 1 etc It worked really well with the only problem being that the dealers and vulnerabilities were not necessarily correct.

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