How to circumvent a shortage of BFA book 1 while Covid 19 has closed Bridge Warehaouse?

At Newbury BC, we managed to get our beginners lessons running on zoom right from the start of the lock-down and have been using BBO teaching tables and Zoom breakout rooms for supervised play sessions for a month now. This has been even more successful than we dared hope. The students love it and have been recommending to friends.
Sadly, we are now constrained by lack of access to copies of BFA book one for the new students. We ran out of all our spare copies and I can't find any 2nd hand copies of either the 2016 edition or the current edition anywhere online.
If any other teachers have spare copies available I'd welcome a message.
Can EBED help? Is it possible to release an online copy pro tem?
I'd be happy to ask our students to pay now for a book that they can access online until the the Bridge Warehouse and mail out physical copies.
How are others coping?


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