Supervised play/duplicate with BBO and Zoom

As a follow on to the excellent EBED Zoom presentations about using teaching tables, it is a simple next step to use, say, three teaching tables, using three BBO usernames, and run a duplicate.

I have run three 3 table and one 4 table duplicates.

You cannot play because you have to run the three tables, but it is worth the effort. Using Zoom breakout rooms means you can talk to one room/table. Or use chat on BBO.

I may record a video to show how, if any one is interested.


  • Hi Dave. thanks for sharing. A video would be great. OBS is good for screen recording.

  • Hi there. hre are two videod. Part 1 and Part 2 explaining how I run a duplicate session using teaching Tables on BBO

  • Do you know how to cancel a teams game when you have finished? I set up two tables for supervised play and uploaded 15 boards to play. We only finished 12 of them by the end of 2 hours. Trouble was because I had assigned people to sit originally once the game was over they were pinned to the chair and couldn't go on another table in BBO. Any advice please (other than unsit everyone!) must be an easier way to say that the game is over

  • This is an old message but just in case:

    Assuming you created the team match, click the ‘Director’ tab then right click the game in the top right screen and you should see a drop down list. On that list is the option to ‘Cancel Tournament’.

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