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Thank you for joining us yesterday for our first on line tutorial. The topic was "How to teach on line using BBO".
The video can be watched again at:
on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EBEDCharity
on You Tube at https://youtu.be/soxycT7-cbs


  • I have watched the recordings of both tutorials.
    But when I come here to provide some feedback, I can see no other comments.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Or is there no feedback?

  • Hi Mike. This is the place to leave feedback and ask questions. There is also another topic “corona crisis - teaching on line” which was started before the tutorials and has some comments about BBO which you may want to look at. I have also pasted in some feedback received via email into the minibridge thread.

    We cannot guarantee that any emailed queries will be responded to quickly so this is the best place to share information.

  • We have had a lot of requests for support in setting up single teaching tables on BBO. The information is all there in the first tutorial but we know this takes practice. Do take another look at the tutorial using the link below.

    Would you be willing to work with another teacher to practice this? If so then just post a reply here so you can find someone in a similar position. We cannot stress enough that we are all learning here and the computer skills don't come naturally to everyone. Find a buddy or two to practice with.

    Watch again at: https://youtu.be/soxycT7-cbs
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