2019 Teachers Notes Year One Beginneing Bridge

Please can you clarify if Lesson 10 Teachers 2019 Notes are correct

In the previous lessons the emphasis is on opening 1NT and opening a weak suit . Lesson 10 focusses on section 3.8 of 2019 Red Book first 5 sections - this appears to cover simple support and rebidding weak suit Yet :- The practice hands TR20 ( T20 ) , - intended as a revision and play session - introduces jump suits in suits (1), a reverse (2) , jump support (3) , another reverse (4) - a jump rebid in NT (5) . Jump in NT (7) These are all new concepts which have not yet been mentioned in previos lessons . And not mentioned in "waht I have learned " section 3.8. I cannot understand how the hands can be revisions. I thought revisons were reinforcing what was already known and not introducing new material.

Are the Lesson 10 Teachers notes as intended. Can others comment

My experience is that by this stage (Year One Lesson 10) students have "played bridge" in lessons 6 to 9 ; lesson 1-5 (minibridge) . and since they only play 4 board per session - i.e. just one each - an individual has efectivley only declared 4 boards- are we not expecting a lot to ask them to cope with the tR20 , T20 hands - or am I missing somehting?


  • Apologies for any typos on previous note . Reference is Beginning Bridge Lesson 10 Teachers Notes 2019.

    I am a bit more convinced that Teachers Lesson 10 notes (2019) are misleading. It is suggested the play hands are T20 (TR20) for lesson 10 yet these are used in lesson 11 and 12 for the next stage in the course on strong hands and getting into No Trumps

    For the 2019 guidance lesson 10 notes I have reverted to "Practice Beginning Bridge Set 4" as suggested the 2009 Edition as a supplementary lesson . I think using TR20 would be too much of a challenge for the students to cope with. It is a bit odd that earlier in the course hands are repeated after the teaching yet on Lesson 10 we are jumping ahead to hands in future lessons.

    Perhaps there is a good reason for jumping ahead to T20 at lesson 10 - any views ?

  • Some of our previous notes had an earlier play lesson but we felt that an extra session of revision i.e. Lesson 10 would benefit students at this stage in their learning. That said, it does seem that the suggested hands, (TR20) are as you say, ahead of what they will have learnt up to this point.
    Thank you for pointing this out to us. We will endeavour to get it changed in the near future. However in the meantime, your suggestion of using Practise Beginning Bridge Set 4 is good.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise on our forum.

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