Bridge Around Potters Bar

Hello All,

I’ve had an enquiry from a teacher at Lochinver House School in Potters Bar. The teacher would like someone to run some workshops/sessions as a regular activity! This would ideally be one or two sessions a week on a Monday or Tuesday 3:45 – 4:45pm. He can oversee the bridge club and improve his bridge himself! This could be a fantastic opportunity for us to garner interest in another school and teach a group of students to learn to play Bridge. The sustainability of youth bridge is more attractive when the teacher in the school can continue running the bridge club in the future.

Do you know any contacts in Potters Bar or the nearby area that could help us with this initiative? I am very happy to provide resources and bridge/minibridge equipment. We can also assist with DBS checks for any external bridge teachers/volunteers as they are likely to be required.

We just need the bodies who can give the time! Do you think you can HELP US?

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