Return of Old Versions of Red and Green Books

Many teachers are probably unaware that EBED has recently changed its policy about accepting the return of old versions of the Student Books 1 and 2.

In the past the policy always used to be that after a new edition came out, they accepted returns of previous editions for a period of time.

I am now told that this is no longer the case.

As others teachers will know, it is very difficult to know exactly how many books to order. I always try to order the right amount but invariably I am left with a few over for the next course or have to order some extras, as some students join the course late.

If I still have older editions of the book, these effectively become unusable as they have different page
numbers and contents. You cannot really run a class with different students having different books.
In the past return of these unused books has been accepted by the EBED.

I do feel that if the EBED wanted to change this policy, they should have warned us about this in advance – announcing a date after which returns of a particular version of the book would no longer be accepted. They have not done this. In the past, the EBED has been able to resell these books at a discount to teachers still wanting to use them.

Well, I do hope the EBED can either change this policy, or make it clear in the future that there is a date up till when the books can be returned.


  • Disappointed the no one at EBED has bothered to reply to this.

    If any other teachers are interested, I have 4 unused copies of the 2017 edition of Book 1 that I would like to sell at a discount: perhaps to someone running a small private group. Contact if you are interested.

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