Powerpoint presentation for Beginning bridge book 1

Does anyone have a powerpoint presentation covering Beginning Bridge book 1 for sale ?
I an teaching a class of 9 and feel a Powerpoint presentation would help
I have previously taught a smaller group when it didn't matter
Obviously I can prepare a presentation myself but if its not too expensive it would obviously save me some time to buy one


  • I have PowerPoints for Year One (I think) - e mail and I can let you have some samples -. I did not find PowerPoints that useful as people tend to switch off - instead I use small laminate card with the main point of the session on . The PowerPoints I do have, instead of a screen , I print out - say 9 to a page - so that attendees - (and me) know where I am in the session

  • I would also like to see examples of PowerPoint screens for either book 1 or 2
  • Send me an email (see user details) and I will send you some samples

    I have PowerPoints for Year Two - but not Year One . I found that Powerpoints were a bit of a turnoff. I considered preparing Powerpoints for Year One and consulted a lady (experienced teacher - former EBUTA manager) at EBUTA about it , I was asking her about teacher aids . She said that she found laminates were more successful when running lessons on cruise ships with big classes - she mentioned running sessions with 50 students .

    Powerpoints are quite quick to set up .

    For Year One I use laminates which just state the main point(s) of the lesson. I also have powerpoints for the Beginning Bridge & Continuing Bridge hand sets. Again I don't use them as screen powerpoints. Instead I give out a paper of the powerpoints - say 9 per A4. This can help me to keep my place and for students to follow the talk as a tke it or leave it visual aid. It seems to help discussion as students refer back to the slides on the paper in front of them to explore a point.

    An observation(an aside) _ the Year One teacher Notes now have the main objectives of the lessons listed - If I was starting again these seem to be very good bullets to get over to students. Always difficult to get participants to focus on the main issues . I am amending my handouts to include these objectives and then use them as a revision at the end of a session

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