Weak Jump Overcalls

The new Book One introduces the idea of making a weak jump overcall with a 6+card suit and 5-10 HCPs. Exactly analogous to opening with a weak two. No problem with this. I haven't seen the new book yet, but I presume it doesn't address how you would respond if your partner doers a WJO, and you have game interest. This is really a Book Two topic.
Having looked at nofearbridge, I note that they advise using a cue bid to show interest in game, rather than 2NT. In their notes a 2NT response would appear to be a genuine wish to play in NTs. This seems to me to be inconsistent. The UCB potentially removes the bidding space for the overcaller to show a feature - eg in the example given 1H-2S-Pass-3H. The only options for the overcaller seem to be to rebid 3S or 4S.
I have sent a query to NFB, but haven't yet received a response.

Is it different merely because the opponents have bid, whereas in response to a Weak Two open the opponents are silent. I'm not clever enough or experienced enough to know. I've done a quick Google, but found no conclusive guidelines.

Perhaps some of you clever people out there could offer some advice.


  • Our new Book 1 Beginning Bridge includes a short explanation of weak overcalls with long suits (i.e. weak jump overcalls). At this point in the students' learning journey the purpose is to get students involved in competitive bidding and understand a few basic concepts. There is a more on pre-emptive bids, later in the book when the idea of vulnerability is introduced. Book 2 will be the first time they encounter UCB as it is generally not a topic for year one students. Although, individual teachers may adapt material as they wish to suit their classes. You know your own students.

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