What's the best way to teach card play?

With the new Hand Play software available, teachers can display and play a complete deal in the classroom (with projector or large screen). How does this compare with advice to each table? What's your view?


  • ....can't beat using real cards at the table......

  • Well a goodish projector is about £200 (yes you can get cheaper but they are not so good). A goodish sized screen is about £200. A pack of cards is about £3. So as maffjack says you can't beat a pack of cards.
    We would love to be able to do it but cost and the people we are teaching and the way they want to learn makes it prohibitive. We are both computer literate and are reasonably knowledgeable of most of the programs we require to teach and run an event. We are still running at a loss as the start up costs and the low numbers of students makes it difficult to "get ahead".

    To be honest it would be nice to have some help in the prepartion of teaching tools like bidding tents (set up hands and explain the bidding) as well as flash cards to take the students through "self teaching" practical examples. I suspect many teachers are doing this off their own bat. I do find that some of the "handbank" hands are either "too" simple or "too" complex and that is after watching the students deal with them. Still that is an opinion which, probably, will start off a suitable discussion.

  • Thank you both for getting the discussion started. The issue of cost outlay for equipment depends on class size and the facilities available. There are some teachers with large classes of around 50 people but I expect that two or three tables is more common. If anyone has tried one of the cheaper projectors it would be interesting to hear what they think. There seem to some advertised for around £60!
    Regarding the handbanks, they are a great resource but I agree that we as teachers have to be selective in choosing the hands to use.

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