The EBTA have raised their fee by 25% this year. Why? The cover letter does not say anything about the rise or reason. There has been nothing new from previous years apart from this forum (or have a missed something)
Is this part of the secret EBED strategy? How may more surprises?


  • Well john somebody has to pay for the first two views of every comment.


  • Hi John
    have seen the "renewal" notice now and I can see that, as you say the Fee has risen. Why I don't know. Perhaps someone, best it is the one that agreed to increase it, would be good enough to explain why it was done and when notification of the proposed increase was issued. It was also be nice to know whether the intention is to increase the fee every year or if the increase is going to be linked to RPI or CPI.


  • I wonder if this means that the organisers of the June Conference will make the power point, and other hands out used at the conference, available for those of us who cannot afford the £239 per person and assocaited travel costs? I saw an additional flyer, not the original, that seemed to indicate that there might be additional material.

    I suspect that there are others like me that have already arranged for family/work/bridge commitments that can't be changed, even if they could afford the cost and time.


  • EBED Board Meeting 6th March 2019
    “EBTA membership. Discussion of fee rises and future membership levels (i.e. Associate, Full etc.)………... Increase membership fee to £25”
    No explanation

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