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"Student Zone
Coming Soon"
Perhaps Teachers could be given some advance information to prepare students and themselves?


  • Well John we already have a "club administrators" zone on the EBU TD foum, but there is no announcement about it yet. Surprised that there haven't been any comments on it. Makes you wonder what links "TD"; "teacher"; "club administrator"; "club" and "County".


  • Please post your ideas for what you would like to see on this new area.

  • Sorry Lorna I had assumed that the this was ready to be launched and there had been some preparation.
    I will have a think.

  • Not an easy one this, there is the potential to step on few precious toes.
    I would like to see it follow the BfA and Fast Track courses as these are the EBED courses after all, rather than engage on variations of Acol and other taught systems. Or at least make it VERY clear what the student is viewing and keep the confusion to a minimum.

    Indexed by lesson ---
    Copies of relevant and supportive articles from English Bridge ( and other publications?)
    Supplementary lesson materials
    Student notes and presentations?

    Links to supportive web sites, BBO, NZBridge, Mr Bridge etc
    Student forum (but with the poor response from Teachers they may not get informed support)
    New/ competitions/successes
    Photos of classes

    What were you thinking?

  • The zone now has content but no mention of BfA material, yes to No fear Bridge and "Modern Bridge"!!!!!!!!!!

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