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I run an "improvers" class, teaching a topic and then getting them to play 12-16 boards which illustrate that topic. Handbank is a wonderful resource but some of it is now out of date (e.g. 1NT opening criteria) and sometimes the commentaries introduce ideas well beyond this standard . Making the boards up by hand is very time consuming and doesn't store them for next year. What resources, in a format which can be dealt by machine, have people found?


  • Hi Yorkie

    I have found that "Hand Play" is a good substitue. If you click "Generate" you can specify what type of hand you require in one of the hands (I prefer dealer) you can then randomise until you get a near suitable hand for your purposes. On each hand you can do the bidding and then check via BSOL whether it will produce the reult you want. You can then edit the hand and just check it on BSOL so it is ok. Then save the hand (including bidding) and when all hands are completed you can go into "file" top left and save the hands as either PBN or DLM. If you go into the EBED Hand Generator you can pick up those hands and prepare a short commentary for each hand.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. it is a bit of a slog but it does give you hands that you wish to use becausesome of those available at the Teachers site are a bit dated.

  • That's how I would do it Chaz or perhaps take a set of DLM and reconstruct the bidding and play using the Hand Generator

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