EBTA future

We have gleaned that the EBED are looking at producing BfA book 3 and a further Fast Track book, Lorna is commissioned with - "progressing the implementation of the EBTA recommendations project."
Are there minutes/notes of EBTA meetings or the EBTA advisory group?
Anyone seen anything of these and can direct me to them or are they not meant to be seen by EBTA members?


  • Just trawled through some of the "minutes" on the right side of the EBU home page. I got diverted and forgot what I was doing and finished preparing tonights meal. I didn't spot the minutes you were looking for, or if I did I didn't see it (if you know what I mean). I can't spend the time looking for those minutes and I can't remember seeing them advertised for scrutiny. To be honest I don't even know who is on the advisory group or if and when (probably where as well) they are likely to meet.

    Do you think the four of us should set up an advisory group and discuss something via skype?
    Best wishes

    P.S. if anyone finds the minutes could they post the notes on here?

  • Its strange because we pay our subs to the EBTA but no financial notes, objectives nothing. Apart from associating at the Teachers Convention and the forum of course what other associating do teachers do?

  • EBED Board Meeting 6th March 2019

    “Kindle / iPad versions of the BfA books DoW to progress”
    “BfA syllabus -originally done 30 years ago. Review suggested.”
    “A discussion took place regarding EBED’s3year E-strategy”

    “BfA3 –decision to cancel this project. About 100 hours work done so far”
    Don’t waste all that work let teachers know what was planned, it may help them do their own year 3 course.

    “EBTA advisory group (now in abeyance) to be reconvened when new trustees are on board.”

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