Whay do you teach in this situation

On another forum there is a thread about alerting and UI.
The bidding went North - 1Spade West - 2Clubs South 3Spades and alerted.

What do you think the alert was for? Was it saying 10 to 12 points and 4+ card support.

or does it say 7 to 9 points and probably 4 card support? If so when do you teach it to your students? Where is it in the BFA book1 and 2 or Fasttrack?

Many thanks for any input.



  • Hi Chaz,

    The method in this auction playing the standard Bridge for All system would be to bid normally (i.e. that 3 spades would show 10-12 points and support as if the 2 clubs had not occurred). It is not specifically mentioned in the books in favour of material which teaches something new rather than simply saying to bid normally, but I would suggest you encourage your students to simply raise partner's suit in the same way that they would have done if nothing had happened. For their first two years of bridge, this is preferable to confusing the matter with different point ranges to remember for different circumstances.


  • Thank you David for your input

  • I would say the 3S is a natural invitational raise as if the 2C had not occurred as per BfA. The alert changes that to something different. I have played with partners who would bid & alert this way as a preempt ie very few points but some spades. I am sure that it is a recognised convention just cant remember which at the moment!!!

  • Well i teach improvers and my suggestion is to bid 1 level higher than usual with a fit, after a double or overcall. So if you would have passed, raise to 2. If you would have bid to 2, bid 3 etc.
    I do point out that there are a lot of systems out there, so that they may wish to ask the ops what they do. Also, that this is a suggestion and so note a rule... vulnerability makes a difference. Also once they are ready to advance, 2NT can show a good raise to 3+ so that direct raises are pre-emptive.

    As for beginners, ignore the overcall (except when you want to bid NT, when you need stops in their shown suit) seems the best bet.
  • Thanks John and Martin.
    So effectively Beginners and Improvers will not know about this and it would be totally unexpected. So it looks as if we really do care about the inexperienced feeling "done over". I am aware that there are plenty of things that they will get "done over" on but just saying that this is not alertable isn't helpful.

    There, my final rant of the year is finished.

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