BfA Book3

Came across this
“EBED Board Meeting 6/6/18
DMW explained that EBED are planning a Bridge for All Book 3. The title of the book was briefly discussed, with an agreement that Year 3/Book 3 was not suitable.”
Anyone any idea of proposed content/purpose?


  • If anyone is interested, this is for you Martin, the link is

    Good spot John. The interesting bit for me was
    "It was agreed a follow-up to Fast Track book is
    needed. "

    If anyone could enlighten us three on those points it would be appreciated


  • John, Chaz, I heard about Bridge for All Book 3 the other week. I immediately wrote the following email to try and find out more, I am waiting a response from Andrew Petrie.....


    Just to say that Andrew is away until this weekend and probably will have a load of email to sort
    So really just saying he may take a little while to respond

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for attaching Andrew's paper on EBTA Improvements.

    I should be grateful if Andrew would like to expand on the following comment:

    "We have commissioned a third book to take students beyond Continuing Bridge and hope to publish this in 2019."

    As this is the first I have heard about a "third book", how was decision made that there was a need for a third book? How many students use Continuing Bridge? or an alternative question is how many Teachers buy Continuing Bridge and have subsequently requested a 3rd book to follow on from Continuing Bridge?

    If there is demand, what topics are in demand and who has been commissioned to produce these topics?

    I am asking these questions based upon using the Continuing Bridge extensively over the last 10 years, and may even be the most significant user of Continuing Bridge, and follow on courses.

    Best regards


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