Unpaid teachers-Beginners/Improvers

I understand that there are some 600+ bridge teachers. (it would be nice to see the results of the march teacher survey)
I wonder how many teachers give their beginner/improver services to their club free of charge?
I know of one that has 30-40 such student each year.
Anyone know of any more or is this the only one?


  • Hi John
    I am aware of one teacher that did the training course but has not taught. My partner and I teach because we realised that if we didn't, in about 5 years, we would be playing crib or watching TV 16/7. We are doing it off our own "bat" with help from the club when requested. That way we organise it to our convenience . I think the teachers get burned out, don't forget most only do it when they have the time (i.e. when they are retired) and when they realise that if they don't do it they will have no one to play with in the future. I don't think that many do it for the money (watch out for the Taxman!).

    I agree that getting information would be helpful but the EBU should be allowed to decide what information can be given.

    Without students learning bridge clubs will fail. Without clubs Counties will fail and without Counties the EBU will fail. So in a way we all have to "cling" to the same lifeboat of "Hope". I found out the other day that the majority do appreciate the efforts put in by teachers of Bridge. So don't forget there are thousands out there "patting" the backs of those "600" teachers out of respect and admiration because they don't think they can do it. It looks like, from what you say, we need more teachers and probably we should be able to cope with teaching throughout the year rather than starting the "season" in September. (Puts a cybosh of the winter holiday).

    So more change is needed and that can only come about with more open discussion.

    Enjoy your bridge and well done from all those that organise the equipment and premises to play bridge.


  • Merry Christmas
    I know teachers would not be teaching for the money alone and those students I speak to certainly appreciate the teacher’s efforts (paid or not)
    I was just wondering how many unpaid club teachers there were and how much they contributed to student numbers.
    At the Fast Track presentation by the EBU there was a discussion on how much should be charged for presenting the course, the implication being that all teachers charged for their services. At the Teachers Convention there was a presentation on working on cruise ships and also the question was not asked in the survey earlier this year.
    If there are significant unpaid teachers for this level of teaching then does this require a review of the EBU approach to teaching? The EBU/EBED are currently talking about “professionalising” bridge teaching.
    Other points you make-
    The EBU whilst a limited company, it is a member’s “club” and as such an open environment may well help with some of the issues that are currently under discussion. I have noted that there is more information on the web site lately and this forum could help, if more teachers join the debates.
    We teach throughout the year September to April/May with formal courses and then supervised sessions with occasional “revision” session during other months.
    I also started teaching when I retired and certainly I am enjoying the challenges.

  • Thanks John and Merry Christmas to you as well.
    Not seen the Fasttrack presentation so not aware of that. Money was not really covered in our training days. We charge enough to cover our expenses and a few extra lessons. The problem with “professionalising” bridge teaching is that it requires standards and as you and I both know standards are a "moving target" that is open to subjective views. Also the teaching wanted is always different from the teaching available. We were asked by a number of older club members to give improvers lessons. When asked they wondered if we were going to "talk" conventions and when we said "well no, not at first" there was a great sigh of relief. Many just want reminding of the basics.

    I do agree that we should "see" more discussion from other teachers. Strangely there are a lot of "views" to our comments but not many add their "thoughts". Perhaps we are both at the "extremes". I have asked myself whether we are the only ones with access to the forum, except the EBU staff.
    I too like the thrust of helping others, for that is all we do. And they love it.

    I am currently anti Losing Trick Count because too many use it with out understanding it, or their own basic system!

    Best wishes

  • "I do agree that we should "see" more discussion from other teachers. Strangely there are a lot of "views" to our comments but not many add their "thoughts". Perhaps we are both at the "extremes". I have asked myself whether we are the only ones with access to the forum, except the EBU staff. Chaz"
    Having reviewed Activity. As far as I can see there is only you me an Martin who regularly look at the site. There are 39 people signed up.
    Not much activity from identifiable EBED staff in fact some have no views at all although David Emerson appears to view regularly (74 times) including this morning!
    Site needs a bust EBED.

  • John & Chaz, I really appreciate your various threads and themes to date. John your summary of usage is exceptionally helpful. I will now start to contribute

  • DouglasWright3CB
    - Good to have you on board

  • Hi Douglas

    Nice to have additional comments (not that there is anything wrong with the comments made by John, Martin and David. Wil be interested to see what you get about the "third" book. Do you know what teaching resources are available on the "developing Membership campaign" site? I am not a "club" so don't know what I am missing out on.

    Best wishes

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